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    We relish the opportunity to address our clients’ unique challenges
    and identify, craft and execute distinctive growth strategies
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    We guide startups and young companies to find the most effective strategies,
    appropriate partners and relevant financial resources to accelerate their business growth.
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    We believe M&A strategy should be deeply considered to calculate new value creation,
    coherent with other strategy initiatives and based upon strategic due diligence.

International business strategy expertise

About us

SAB Connect founder Steven Bradley has developed his business strategy skills and competencies in 25+ years of experience in global business development and growth strategy, with a variety of international partners, and a special focus in the architectural lighting industry. By leveraging this worldwide experience and expertise, combining it with a network of global partners, SAB Connect offers the powerful benefits of this knowledge and relationships to its international clients from Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East.


International business strategy

Helping clients focus on the priorities of growing their business worldwide is a critical step in building a successful international brand. SAB Connect understands the challenges faced by entrepreneurs and systematically reviews their objectives and dreams, crafting and prioritizing strategic moves within the market reality, actively involved in the front line implementation of the strategy.

Global partner search

Finding the right partners with compatible vision and complementary skills to translate the strengths and goals of a business into local success is vital. SAB Connect strongly believes that an effective international sales strategy requires an experienced evaluation and thorough debate of the opportunities, threats and landscape of each market, so that companies make the best choices in terms of sales channel partners and local management.

Strategic M&A

Today’s competitive markets require partnerships which go beyond distributors, representatives and value added resellers. SAB Connect’s unique approach is based on evaluation of long term benefits of mergers and acquisitions, thus focusing on effective integration of companies, with great care and attention to providing opportunities for the personal growth of both brand and managers post-acquisition.

Growth accelerator for start-ups

Young companies need careful mentoring and help in maintaining focus on understanding and building their strengths while communicating and taking their vision to a global market. SAB Connect spends time with entrepreneurs of young companies, helping them determine the best use of skills, competencies and resources while designing the most appropriate strategies to fill current gaps in order to achieve their vision.


We believe that all companies, even the smallest and youngest ones, need to think globally from their earliest days and therefore should start building a framework of worldwide strategy for their organization, partnerships and growth. Effective worldwide strategy requires deep thinking and debate, careful consideration of financial and human resources, all within the context of today’s fast-moving and changing technologies and markets. We are convinced that providing our wealth of business experience, connecting our clients to our worldwide networks and working shoulder to shoulder with entrepreneurs to constantly refine strategy will accelerate the achievement of their goals and dreams.